Shadow Reckoning

by Sven-Erik Olsen

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released November 4, 2014

All songs written and performed by Sven-Erik Olsen



all rights reserved


Sven-Erik Olsen Minneapolis, Minnesota

Singer-songwriter SvenErik Olsen is the leader of Minneapolis cult favorites Ostramingo. A veteran of the Minneapolis music scene, he is the founder of bands such as Tuesday's Lifted, The Pundits, The Flying Shoes and the Homers. His masterpiece, At Glen Oaks (due Oct. '16) is an adventurous melange of Wilsonesque chamber pop & Dylanesque Americana. ... more

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Track Name: Lilt
So this is how it feels to be reelin' it in
Don't want it to end and not come back again
And end up one of them
Well, all you gotta do is lilt along...

It gets so hard just to stay awake
I wanna feel alive again
But then somethin' 'd have to break
Is that a chance I'd take?
Well, all you gotta do is lilt along...

Time doesn't end
It just loses strength
To reach such lofty heights
I went to such awful lengths
Just what was I up against?
Well, all you gotta do is lilt along...
Track Name: My Poor Boy
“Whatever became of you?,” the wise old man did say
Walking down the hallways and the rooms all decaying
The empty mansion across the river did agree
I wound up inside your heart, babe

My poor boy will always stay faraway

Seen your skeleton in armor
A rose inside the ribbons in your hair, in your hair
Standing outside the edge of hearing
The fire escape’s disappearing
And you’re in the farmhouse in the dark

My poor boy will always stay
Will he ever run too far?

And then you open up the telegraph
The moon shines on tomorrow in Greenland
Can you see me?
Well, never try and find divine inspiration in the dark
In the middle of the night you turn on the radio
And you slow down

My poor boy will always stay faraway
Track Name: These Chains
Dusty chains lay down on Main Street
Got your neon signs, applaud your city lights
All those women in the basement need to get to sleep sometimes
With their ice cream social evenings and your Johnny Appleseed

Well, I seen you in the window
And it somehow brought me down
Won't you stay a while my love?
I miss your smile, the brandy on your breath
We can walk around the streets of town

Well, I broke down along the way
With your memory in tow
I need someone to show the way
I can't count the ways, no
I gotta jump when the feeling shows
But someone threw it right away

So now you know how I feel about them dusty chains
The driftwood on the boardwalk looks so sinister and changed
Won't you stay a while my love?
I think I really need you now
We could dream about the streets of town
Track Name: I Stood There
I feel confusion
I fear no past
Courting illusion
I must confess
I’m not sure what’s real
Everywhere I roam

I stood there and it came to me
Why must I cry?
Why must I cringe whenever you walk by?
Why must I cry for you?
Why must I live without you?

Where are you sleeping?
When will we connect?
The bottom is creeping
Out from the wreck
I’m not sure that I’m all right
I’m not as far as I can tell

Take all your dreams away
Take what’s from the ground
Take all your memories
Take what’s going down
‘Cause I’m not sure if dreams prevail
Down inside yourself
I’m not sure if I will fail
But I could use your help
Track Name: Well, Boys...
Well, boys...we finally found a way to get out of this town
We couldn't stick around any longer
So much had to happen
Well, boys...we found some girls
Had orgasms while the music swirled
We've finally seen the movies we always knew were critically acclaimed
We haven't fallen for the suburban nightmare
But we don't know the options or how to get there
We got drugs, but the bars ain't open late enough
We got the stars, but we don't know how to make it up

Well, boys...them rock 'n' roll shows
And restaurants only suck us into poverty, y'know
But I got a car now and you've got the Ivy League
I've got some new songs but whaddya know?
I still haven't found a real band
But I'm still trying something just to get something somewhere

Well, know I'm a genius
So you gotta talk behind my back when you get the chance
No more sluggin' vodka by the railroad tracks
Now we do shots in the bar
'Cause that's where all the women are
And all those cronies are there
And those of us losin' our hair ain't gonna get too far

Oh, every time we meet I just have to laugh
We smoke some cigarettes and complain

Life ain't magic like some storybook
And it ain't always romantic when it rains
When the idols fall and fail us
When the hot summer sun don't feel the same
When it's lost it's fun
And you feel that the game's been goin' on far too long
And you play guitar
Though you know deep down that can only go so far
But I was in this indie magazine last week
So maybe you'll excuse me for bein' a freak
I'm a genius with soul to burn
This is my kiss off
Now it's your turn
Well, boys...